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This website is the result of collaboration between five people:

Concept Virpi Poikolainen (Physical therapist, Bachelor of Health Care, Finland)
Advice Sherri Lange (NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power)
Mauri Johansson (Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine, Denmark)
Greta Gallandy-Jakobsen (vind-alarm-danmark.eu, Denmark)
Realization Dominic Mette (Friends Against Wind, France)

If you wish to contact us, please write to: contact@notme.info

The harms of industrial wind turbines (IWT`s) are universal. Residents living close to the IWT`s are complaining similar disadvantages all over the world – irrespective of language, nationality, age or gender.

Most common symptoms of residents close to the IWT`s are: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, depression, irritability, aggressiveness, cognitive dysfunction, chest pain or pressure, headaches, joint pain, skin irritations, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, and stress.

Industrial wind turbines make a big change for the environment. And they are built right next to people´s houses, hospitals, schools and so on.

One expert after another has stated, that until science knows the side effects IWT`s cause, we have to protect most vulnerable groups: fetuses, children, elderly and people with sicknesses and disabilities.

As mankind, we are as strong as our weakest link.

Wind industry claims, that there are only few people in our communities, who resist IWT`s – let`s show them they are wrong.

We are not NIMBYs, as the wind industry likes to call us. Our backyard is as valuable as anyone`s yard.

We are NOTME people, who think NOT ME, nor anyone else on this planet, should be exposed to harms caused by rotating blades of wind turbines.

By signing this statement you will show, that:

  • You care about your environment and do not accept pollution caused by industrial wind turbines.
  • You are worried about the symptoms caused by the presence of shadow flicker, low frequency noise, infrasound and electromagnetic radiation.
  • You believe that saving this planet must be placed on the TRUTH. Something, which is promoted by exaggerating, lies or corruption, is not good for the mankind, nor for the planet Earth.
  • You think the total price of wind energy is too high to pay: in health, living comfort and in money.
  • You think all the money invested in wind energy, should instead be invested in the development of the safer, cheaper and more effective energy production methods.
  • The right place for industrial wind turbines is on the pages of the history books as a bad example of technology mankind has produced.

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